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10 of the Best Lower Back Exercises

We all want chiseled arms, strong legs, and glutes that pop — but what about your lower back muscles? Ripped abs are great for showing off, but the humble erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, and psoas major form an often forgotten group that is every bit as essential to a strong core. “Your back musculature should complement the strength of your [front], neither


10 Reasons Why You Hate Working Out

It’s difficult to start an exercise program, much less stick with it long term. Between busy work weeks, happy hours, and a general lack of exercise motivation, it’s easy to find reasons to skip a workout… but that can lead to a vicious cycle. “The more we don’t [exercise] and the less fit we become, the


Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it is also a time of constant change. Your favorite foods may be off-limits or unappealing, you frequently experience new sensations and emotions, and your body changes quickly — sometimes overnight. That’s one reason why Emily Silver, a Boston-area nurse practitioner specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, recommends yoga during


Everything You Need to Know About HIIT Workouts

By Jenessa Connor The fitness world is prone to trends and buzzwords, the most fashionable of which in recent years is probably “HIIT,” short for high-intensity interval training. You’ve likely seen the headlines promoting HIIT workouts alongside photos of sweat-drenched gym rats crawling toward their water bottles. But the concepts behind HIIT aren’t particularly new or trendy. They’re

Clean Week

Learn More About Clean Week, Which Launches Today!

Ready to check out Clean Week? Created by winner of THE 20s, Megan Davies, Clean Week is a 7-day introduction program designed to help new customers experience a full week of our total solution: Shakeology, Clean Eating, Fitness and Coach Support. The program is designed to help new customers kick-start healthy habits that get real

Megan Davies of Clean Week

Meet Megan Davies, Creator of Clean Week

    Ready to learn all about Clean Week? Get to know creator, Megan Davies. She’s an NSCA-certified personal trainer and gym owner. And, in 2016, she won Beachbody’s fitness reality show, THE 20s®, and became Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer. Megan is excited to launch this new 7-day introduction program designed to help new customers


Static Stretching vs. Dynamic Stretching: Which Should You Do?

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers to fitness can make is skipping warm-up exercises before a workout. Not only is warming up valuable, it’s essential, delivering benefits beyond simply preparing your body for exercise, and extending to issues of safety and performance. But older notions of the warm-up may compromise both, making it important to know the difference between active


The Best Workout Music for Any Activity

Sure, some people enjoy listening to birds chirping as they run, or they get energized by the sound of weights hitting the floor at the gym. But for the rest of us, music can make or break a workout. The right tunes can help you perform at your max potential… science even says so. Research


10 of the Best Ab Exercises That Aren’t Crunches

Let’s get real: when it comes to ab workouts, there’s nothing more boring than churning out crunches. Set after set. Workout after workout. That’s why the best ab exercises aren’t crunches. And ditching (or at least cutting down on) crunches might do more than eliminate your workout’s yawn factor. It could actually boost your fitness