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3 Fitness Results You Can Get From an MMA Workout

How did you work out today? Cycling class? Weights? A walk with your BFF (best furry friend)? Maybe some sun salutations? Squeezing in exercise and finding the right mix from day to day and week to week can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re happy to manage any sweat time among life’s deadlines

Should You Do Ab Workouts Every Day?

Should You Do Ab Workouts Every Day?

You smash a bottle. You glue the pieces of that broken bottle back together. You then smash the reconstituted bottle and again affix the shards to one another. Do this enough times and eventually the bottle will be significantly larger than when you started out due to the amount of reparative material that’s been introduced


3 Plank Exercises for Tight, Flat Abs

The plank is a single move that tightens your core, firms up your booty, and strengthen your arms. Here’s how to do a perfect plank, and three plank exercises to help sculpt your abs.

Can You Crunch Your Way to a Flat Stomach?

Can You Crunch Your Way to a Flat Stomach?

For years, ab-crunching moves, from curls to sit-ups, have been the holy grail of stomach-flattening exercises. Media has flamed the hype, reporting on the hundreds of crunches that various celebrities do — presumably, the secret to their photogenic physiques. But, is it the crunches, themselves, that reduce the width of your midsection? Research says: not

Master the Three Toughest Moves in Core de Force

Master the Three Toughest Moves in CORE DE FORCE

There’s a reason we named our new 30-day, MMA-inspired workout program “CORE DE FORCE:” Every single move challenges your core. Each time you throw a jab, thrust a knee, deliver a kick, or perform a crunch, push-up, or plank variation, you’ll engage an armada of muscles between your hips and shoulders to maintain balance and


4 Fun Pumpkin Exercises

A Halloween workout? Well, it doesn’t take a mad scientist (or a person dressed as one) to realize that a pumpkin can be used as a weight. The pumpkins grown for carving typically range from two pounds to 25 pounds… though the biggest pumpkin ever weighed in at a monstrous 2,323 pounds. But enough pumpkin trivia.

How to do the Single-Leg Elevated-Foot Hip Raise

How to do the Single-Leg Elevated-Foot Hip Raise

Wake up your lower body with the single-leg, foot-elevated hip raise. It works your glutes, opens up your hips, and engages just about every muscle below your waist, one leg at a time. Here’s how to do it properly!

The Big Benefits of Foam Rolling-header

The Big Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is essentially a form of self-massage that allows you to apply deep pressure to certain points of the body to release tightness and muscular tension.