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10 of the Best Lower Back Exercises

10 of the Best Lower Back Exercises

We all want chiseled arms, strong legs, and glutes that pop — but what about your lower back muscles? Ripped abs are great for showing off, but the humble erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, and psoas major form an often forgotten group that is every bit as essential to a strong core. “Your back musculature should complement the strength of your [front], neither


10 of the Best Ab Exercises That Aren’t Crunches

Let’s get real: when it comes to ab workouts, there’s nothing more boring than churning out crunches. Set after set. Workout after workout. That’s why the best ab exercises aren’t crunches. And ditching (or at least cutting down on) crunches might do more than eliminate your workout’s yawn factor. It could actually boost your fitness

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7 of the Best Oblique Exercises for a Strong Core

Oblique muscles are to abs as Jesse Pinkman is to Walter White. As lettuce is to the BLT. As Chewbacca is to just about anything in Star Wars. Overlooked and under-appreciated, the obliques nevertheless play an important supporting (literally) role to that six-pack you’ve been working so hard to get. But guess what? Just as Springsteen ain’t

10 Ab Exercises to Get a Shredded Six-Pack

10 Ab Exercises to Get a Shredded Six-Pack

If there’s one thing we all value in a relationship, it’s honesty. So let’s get this one off on the right track. That set of corrugated abs you want? Getting them is gonna require a lot more than just holding off on that third piece of pizza and doing an extra set of crunches next


15 of the Best Core Exercises From Beachbody Programs

From Google searches to message board posts, no other part of the body draws as much inquiry as the muscles comprising the core. Lean, defined abdominals and obliques have not only become the emblem of fitness, they provide logistical support for nearly all other parts of the body. It’s no wonder everyone wants to know


3 Fitness Results You Can Get From an MMA Workout

How did you work out today? Cycling class? Weights? A walk with your BFF (best furry friend)? Maybe some sun salutations? Squeezing in exercise and finding the right mix from day to day and week to week can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re happy to manage any sweat time among life’s deadlines

Should You Do Ab Workouts Every Day?

Should You Do Ab Workouts Every Day?

You smash a bottle. You glue the pieces of that broken bottle back together. You then smash the reconstituted bottle and again affix the shards to one another. Do this enough times and eventually the bottle will be significantly larger than when you started out due to the amount of reparative material that’s been introduced


3 Plank Exercises for Tight, Flat Abs

The plank is a single move that tightens your core, firms up your booty, and strengthen your arms. Here’s how to do a perfect plank, and three plank exercises to help sculpt your abs.

Can You Crunch Your Way to a Flat Stomach?

Can You Crunch Your Way to a Flat Stomach?

For years, ab-crunching moves, from curls to sit-ups, have been the holy grail of stomach-flattening exercises. Media has flamed the hype, reporting on the hundreds of crunches that various celebrities do — presumably, the secret to their photogenic physiques. But, is it the crunches, themselves, that reduce the width of your midsection? Research says: not