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How to Avoid Getting Nauseous When You Exercise

How to Avoid Getting Nauseous When You Exercise

Picture this: you’re halfway through a three-mile run, intense pilates class, or round of your weight circuit when—suddenly—you’re hit with the overwhelming urge to throw up. Despite your best intentions to push on with your workout, you’re forced to stop, sit down, and struggle just to take steady breaths. Within moments, your body feels totally zapped of energy, though you


4 of the Most Important Things You Can Do to Relieve Back Pain

“Lack of exercise and sitting at a desk all day are the worst things we can do for our backs.” That quote comes from Steven Loehr, a doctor of chiropractic medicine and owner of Loehr Chiropractic in Springfield, Missouri. If it sounds familiar—or if back pain feels familiar—you’re not alone. According to the American Chiropractic Association, as


4 Exercises for Knee Pain That Will Strengthen and Protect

Even the fittest of us can experience knee pain during activity and exercise. If you’re feeling discouraged about getting back into shape because of knee pain, you’re not alone: The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly half of all Americans will suffer from knee arthritis at some point. That includes two out of three


Healing Hip Pain With Exercise and Lifestyle Tips

I knew something was wrong the day I couldn’t get out of my car. My mind said, “Stand up” but my groin said, “That’s not happening.” A sharp pain radiated from my hip halfway down my leg. This had never happened to me before.   I stretched, whimpered, and waited for the dagger-in-the leg sensation


Why Do You Have Tight Hamstrings?

And more importantly, exactly how do you plan to loosen them up? Well, you may be able to sprint 100 meters in under 12 seconds, or stay on cadence in 22 Minute Hard Corps without missing a beat, but there’s one movement that will humble even the fittest of fanatics: bending at the waist and

The Big Benefits of Foam Rolling-header

The Big Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is essentially a form of self-massage that allows you to apply deep pressure to certain points of the body to release tightness and muscular tension.

Neck Stretches for Neck Pain

Easy Tips and Neck Stretches for Neck Pain

At some point in your life, you’re likely to suffer from a stiff neck. Necks are high maintenance because they contain so many muscles and joints, have a large range of motion and contain the nerves that run between your brain and your arms, legs, and organs. Whether you tweaked it by sleeping in a

What is Cupping Therapy? |

What is Cupping Therapy?

If you’ve been curious about the red dots on the skin of athletes, we’ve got the answer here. Find out what cupping therapy is and what it does.