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Foam Rolling vs. Stretching: Which Is Better?

By Brittany Risher Foam rolling has become the golden child of muscle relief. Walk into a big box gym and you’ll see people doing foam rolling exercises, or attend a group fitness class and you might use foam rollers before the warmup. Some studios even offer entire foam rolling classes. This increasing knowledge and use of

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Why Weight Lifting Is Making You Stronger But Not Bigger

By Lauren Bedosky During my first year doing strength training workouts, I experienced exciting progress week after week. I lost stubborn fat, developed noticeable muscle, and moved weights I never imagined I could lift without straining. After a while, though, I grew frustrated. My strength gains kept coming, but my physique stayed pretty much the same. I kept


Why Are There So Many Conflicting Opinions in Fitness?

Follow health and fitness news long enough and you’ll notice an unsettling trend: even the best advice can be contradictory. In any given week, one dietary expert might tell you that tracking calories is the key to weight loss, while another says to forget calories and count carbs instead. One fitness pro claims isolation exercises

How to Improve Your Mental Strength to Push Through a Hard Workout

By Brittany Risher In the middle of a HIIT workout, when your shirt is soaked through with sweat and you’re about to start yet another round of burpees, it’s not uncommon to think, “I can’t do this. I can’t even do one more rep.” But what’s sending that message – your body or your brain? Are your muscles truly

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10 Excuses to Not Work Out — And How to Overcome Them

By Kate Bayless I’m too tired. I’m too overweight. I don’t have time. It’s easy to come up with a zillion reasons NOT to exercise. Here are tips to overcome the top 10 excuses to working out.   Excuse #1: I can’t afford a gym. via GIPHY The cost of gym memberships can vary widely — from $10


How to Avoid Getting Nauseous When You Exercise

Picture this: you’re halfway through a three-mile run, intense pilates class, or round of your weight circuit when—suddenly—you’re hit with the overwhelming urge to throw up. Despite your best intentions to push on with your workout, you’re forced to stop, sit down, and struggle just to take steady breaths. Within moments, your body feels totally zapped of energy, though you


Women Who Lift:
Why Body Transformation Selfies Are Bulking Up

There’s a new fitness photo trend taking hold of the Internet. No, it’s not the sweaty gym selfie or the self-timed yoga pose pic. It’s a variation of the classic before and after weight-loss photo, with one major difference: the focus is not on losing weight, but rather on gaining strength. These new selfies show people, particularly