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Now Available: Beachbody Kids and Family Workouts

Fitness is a family matter. Working out with your kids helps build the foundation for an active lifestyle, plus it’s a great way to stay accountable. Because if kids are good at anything it’s keeping you on your toes. That’s why we created the Beachbody Kids and Family collection, a curated mix of cardio and low-impact


11 Basic, Beginner Workout Tips to Help You Get Fit

You know how it feels when you click on a tasty-looking recipe, only to find out you need 28 different ingredients, two hours, and some weird kitchen gadget you’ve never heard of to make it? That’s how it can feel when you decide to get in shape. You figure you’ll just lace up your sneakers

Joel & Jericho's 13 Tips for Losing Weight Quickly.HEADER

Beachbody Super Trainers Share 13 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

At one point or another, everyone has tried to figure out how to lose weight quickly — whether for an upcoming vacation or for a special event. But everyone has probably also heard — or found out first-hand — how unhealthy most quick weight-loss fixes can be, and how they can actually lead to more


6 Important Things to Do After Your Workout

So, you had an intense workout. You legs are shaking, your mouth is dry, and your shirt is drenched. All you want to do is collapse on the ground and not move until you stop wheezing and your face stops beating bright red. But before you call it a day and throw in the sweat-soaked


5 Tips For Getting Fit When You’re Plus Size

Starting a fitness journey is always a challenge, but it may feel even more daunting when you’re carrying a few extra pounds. If it’s been awhile since the last time you laced up your sneakers, you may not be 100 percent sure what you’re still capable of — which can make it a little intimidating


How to Improve Your Running Form

Running technique isn’t something that most people think about. Much like walking and swimming, you simply run when necessary for as long as necessary without necessarily dwelling on the details, such as how well you do it. After all, you’ve been running for nearly your entire life, and even if practice doesn’t make perfect, it


New Mom’s Guide to Getting Back into Shape

After my pregnancy that forbade most forms of exercise, I was really looking forward to getting back in shape: My abs and belly fat were a mess, my arms were beginning to look like my grandmother’s and my knees had felt the pressure of carrying my sweet little watermelon. But where to begin? What exercises should I do?


How Tai Chi Breathing Can Make You Better, Faster, Stronger

Tai chi, often referred to as a moving meditation, is a martial arts discipline that combines slow, steady movements with deep, mindful breathing to achieve balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit—and it may be just what you need to run faster, lift heavier, and go longer. Where Western fitness is often focused