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6 Yoga Pants to Try This Fall

The 6 Best Yoga Pants to Try Right Now

I have a confession to make: I now spend more time shopping for workout clothes than I do “regular” clothes. The reasons are simple — I love working out while looking cute and comfortable. I know I’m not alone in this feeling, so I pulled together some of the best yoga pants the interwebs has to

The Big Benefits of Foam Rolling-header

The Big Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is essentially a form of self-massage that allows you to apply deep pressure to certain points of the body to release tightness and muscular tension.

What is a Sandbag Workout

What is a Sandbag Workout?

Do you want weight lifting to feel more like a day at the beach? Just add sand. Resistance-based workouts can help boost your muscular endurance, balance, and stamina to the next level, but it doesn’t have to be done beneath a plate-laden barbell. When you swap out the heavy metal for a sandbag, you suddenly

How to Get Better at Jumping Rope

How to Get Better at Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is easy, right? After all, it is, quite literally, child’s play. Which is why many adults have a rude awakening when they try again it for the first time since their age was measured in single digits. “It came naturally when you were a child, and now you have to relearn the timing and

Should You Be Doing MetCon Workouts? |

Should You Be Doing MetCon Workouts?

Metabolic conditioning (AKA metcon) is a fast-and-furious training method that can burn fat in record time. Here’s everything you need to know to get started, including an intense, total-body sweat session that only requires a bench and your bodyweight.

31 Days of Fitness

Day 4: Grab a Friend

What do Americans look forward to most during the holidays? Spending time with friends and family, according to a recent Pew Research poll, which found that 69 percent of people put socializing at the top of their holiday wish list. Leverage those social opportunities to stay in shape: Not only does exercising with a buddy