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Is Snacking Healthy for Kids

Is Snacking Healthy for Kids?

Whether parents like it or not, snacking happens. Sure, some of us oldies might remember back when nutrition was all about “three squares and nothing in between,” but since the 1970s, snacking between meals has increasingly become the accepted norm — especially with kids. According to a report in the journal Health Affairs, American children snack an average 3

Daily Sunshine -healthy 3-in-1 smoothie for kids

Introducing Daily Sunshine!

Have you heard about the new, healthy snack that’s made for picky kids and pickier parents? It’s called Daily Sunshine, and we think you’re going to love it. This brand-new healthy smoothie is a delicious snack for kids that comes in two kid-friendly flavors. Plus, it’s made with organic fruits and vegetables.* But, if you’re a picky parent, we know you’ve got questions. And we’re here with answers!

woman with suntan lotion at the beach in form of the sun. Beautiful white sand beach in Thailand.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sunscreens

Summer’s finally here and you’re itching to dive into some fun-filled time in the sun. But not so fast: The first stop on your must-do summer bucket list is shielding yourself from those blazing rays. If you’re thinking of foregoing sunscreen, you know, “just this once,” in exchange for a sun-kissed glow, then think again. The UVA and


6 Ways to Get Kids Fit – And Off Those Phones

By Kate Bayless As a mom of three, I’m well-versed in the siren song of screen time. From cell phones to video screens, computers to game consoles, my three boys could easily fill the entire day with tech time if I let them. And they did once. As an experiment one Saturday, instead of their regular hour

10 Foods That Double as DIY Beauty Products

10 Foods That Double as DIY Beauty Products

Ran out of moisturizer? On a tight budget? Not a big fan of chemicals and additives in your beauty products? Don’t stress — just head to your kitchen. You can easily MacGyver foods you’ve got in the fridge into your own homemade skin care line. Here are 10 tasty foods that double as amazing DIY beauty