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35 Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

Think Vanilla is basic? These Vanilla Shakeology recipes prove that it is anything but. In fact, light and creamy Vanilla Shakeology is the most versatile Shakeology flavor. Made with real organic vanilla beans from Madagascar, on it’s own it tastes like a luscious vanilla milkshake (and who doesn’t want one of those?). But, blend it with anything, from


4 Spooky Halloween Smoothies

Your Halloween costume is on point, you have a plan in place to avoid eating fistfuls of candy, and you even made healthy Halloween snacks for the kiddos. Now all you need is a Halloween treat of your own. How about one of these spook-tacular Halloween drinks? Our Shakeology smoothies are getting in on the haunted holiday fun with ghoulish


Jack-O’-Lantern Protein Balls

With Halloween around the corner, there’s no shortage of sugary treats — in fact, they seem to already be lurking in everywhere! While the mini candy packages are handy when it comes to portion control, they’re still enough to make your teeth hurt and send your blood sugar surging. Why not whip up a healthy and festive treat like these

Family Recipes for Double Time

43 Fun Family Recipes for Double Time

Grab a friend or family member and team up for Double Time, Tony Horton’s new fitness program that will help you both create healthy habits! Fun partner workouts and tasty family recipes meant for sharing will keep you motivated — and help you build stronger bonds along the way. Take your teamwork to the kitchen and spend


Apple Blondies with Walnuts

With golden raisins, unsweetened applesauce, and pumpkin pie spice this no-bake recipe for Apple Blondies with Walnuts is perfect for fall. They have just the right amount of sweetness; and thanks to the protein and healthy fats, they won’t cause your blood sugar to spike like crazy. If you’re someone who gets cravings for midday treats,

Peanut Butter Cookie Shakeology

Peanut Butter Cookie Shakeology

Can’t resist a plate of peanut butter cookies? Instead, sip this good-for-you Vanilla Shakeology blended with almond milk, Graham crackers, and lots of peanut butter. This Peanut Butter Cookie Shakeology puts all of the flavor of decadent, nutty cookies into your smoothie so you can indulge without guilt. Try cashew or almond butter for a milder flavor,

Breakfast Pops

Shakeology Breakfast Pops

Have you ever considered eating a popsicle as part of breakfast? If you’ve lived in Los Angeles in September, you most certainly have. Whether it’s 100° F when you wake up or the idea of a breakfast popsicle just sounds brilliant, this Breakfast Pops recipe really hits the spot. But eating clean and eating popsicles for

Tuna Poke with Avocado

35 Healthier Hawaiian Recipes

By Toshi Jones Here in Los Angeles, it feels like there’s a new poke spot popping up every week. But this isn’t the only Hawaiian recipe that’s made it to the mainland. Spam musubi is starting to become a more popular menu item as has loco moco, a dish that typically features white rice topped