Keep Your Yoga Flowing with Beachbody Yoga Studio

Keep Your Yoga Flowing with Beachbody Yoga Studio

If you love yoga, or have always wanted to try it, we’ve made it easier than ever to find the class that’s best for you. The new Beachbody Yoga Studio brings together all of our yoga classes from our Super Trainers and Yoga Experts. This is the perfect place to find a new yoga class to add to your current workout regimen. It’s also where you can find classes to continue your yoga practice after building your beginner’s foundation in 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Now we’re adding new classes from Vytas, Elise, Ted, and Faith that target specific body parts and give our more advanced yoga lovers some new challenges.


Here are the 36 new classes in Beachbody Yoga Studio:

“Yoga for Low Back Pain” with Vytas
Most of us have, or will experience, the discomfort of pain in the lumbar spine. These few simple stretches in 11 minutes will help to alleviate some of that.

“Core Strength” with Vytas
This 30-minute practice will focus on all of the muscles in the core by using the entire body to strengthen the midsection, front, side, and back. Your spinal health will benefit greatly from it.

“Get Well-Rounded” with Elise
This is a 30-minute kick-asana flow designed to build a firm, head-turning, “well-rounded” booty. Elise provides various options, allowing you to keep coming to the mat and expand your practice.

“Muscle Recovery” with Ted
Take this 30-minute flow after a workout that will help your muscles recover. Ted’s training for triathlons gives him unique insight into proper recovery techniques.

“Radiate and Shine” with Faith
This moving, flowing, 30-minute practice will get you heated, and by the end you will be glowing from the inside and out.

“Blissful Power Flow” with Elise
Find your BLISS and POWER in this 10-minute flow that will bring you to your anaerobic threshold and offer inspiration on and off the mat.

“Pre-Workout Core Ignition” with Ted
Ignite your core in just 10 minutes to get those muscles alive and ready before a workout.

“Post-Cardio Stretch” with Faith
Get a nice stretch of all the large muscle groups after a serious cardio workout in just 13 minutes.

“Get Centered” with Elise
Explore your core in this quick yet comprehensive 31-minute yoga flow designed to center you both physically and mentally.

“Full-Body Flow” with Faith
A full-body, 21-minute flow that touches everything in the body, strengthening and stretching your legs, arms, and spine.

“Sweat & Detox” with Vytas
This 46-minute flow-type practice will keep you moving from the very start and help you break a sweat like you never have in yoga. Once good and warm, you’ll use twisting poses to help wring toxins out of the body, leaving you feeling open and healthy.

“Yin Yoga” with Ted
Try this 26-minute, slow-paced style of yoga with poses that are held for 2–3 minutes. This is great after a workout or right before you go to bed.

“Cardio Burn” with Elise
A fast-paced, 10-minute flow designed to elevate the heart rate in intervals with dynamic sequences to streamline the entire body.

“Post-Workout Cooldown Stretch” with Ted
After a strenuous workout, do this 10-minute cooldown stretch to alleviate any sore muscles the next day.

“Release the Tension” with Faith
A soothing practice to release tension in the lower back and key muscles around the outer hips in just 10 minutes.

“Yoga Abs” with Vytas
10 minutes isn’t much, but we promise you this is not going to be easy on the abs.

“Strong but Simple Flow” with Vytas
This 60-minute flow class has all the basics to keep you moving and challenged. You’ll work on all aspects of fitness from cardio, core, and strength to flexibility.

“Upper Sculpt & Core Flow” with Elise
Get stronger and prep for inversions with this 45-minute flow. Targets the core, back, and arms, and works on arm balances to help you get ready.

“Hip Opening Flow” with Faith
Focus on opening your hips with this 45-minute flow and get introduced to a new arm balance pose—the flying pigeon.

“Workshop: Firefly Pose” with Elise
If you’re new to arm balances or just want to fine-tune your Firefly pose, this is the perfect tutorial. Get a more detailed breakdown of getting into and exiting the pose.

“Workshop: Crow Pose” with Elise
This tutorial shows you a variety of ways to get into Crow pose. Plus, shortcuts and tips help you better engage and find your balance.

“Ultimate Reset: Week 1 – Yoga to Reclaim” with Bee
Get ready for the journey ahead with a heart-opening sequence provided by this 30-minute class. It will prepare you both physically and mentally.

“Ultimate Reset: Week 2 – Yoga to Release” with Bee
Release stress with this 40-minute gentle flow class. Using twists and self-massage techniques, you’ll open up the body to help get rid of tension and any heaviness and stagnation.

“Ultimate Reset: Week 3 – Yoga to Restore” with Bee
This 30-minute class helps restore your energy and create a sense of balance from the inside out. A mixture of yin/restorative poses relaxes the entire body.

“Balance to the Core” with Vytas
This 45-minute flow class challenges you while taking you through a wide range of balancing postures to build core strength and tone. Plus, a bonus—prep for a handstand.

“Get Well-Rounded 2″ with Elise
This revved-up version of the original workout tones individual muscle groups in the lower body while building strength and flexibility in the hips and legs. The result? A well-rounded workout AND butt.

“Backbend Flow” with Faith
This heart-opening flow class moves you through 60 minutes of all levels of backbends and binds. Learn challenging postures like wheel, dancer, and bow pose to turbo boost your spinal flexibility.

“Workshop: Handstands” with Vytas
This workshop is specially crafted to get you closer to the perfect handstand posture. Pick up expert tips and tricks from Vytas on how to perfect this advanced level inversion.

“Workshop: Floating Transitions” with Faith
Let Faith walk you through a variety of safe and correct ways to do a floating transition from one posture to another.

“Morning Meditation” with Bee
This 10-min meditation will help you find a peaceful mindset and set you up for a positive outlook for your day.

“Evening Meditation” with Bee
This 10-min meditation is intended to relax and restore you after a long stimulating day.

“De-Stress Meditation” with Bee
This 20-min meditation helps to release stress and calm the body and mind.

“Deep Sleep Meditation” with Bee
This 20-min meditation induces a full-body relaxation using a technique called Yoga Nidra which is intended to help you sleep better.

“Yoga for Runners” with Ted
After a run, this class will help your body restore back to balance focusing on stretching the hamstrings and hips.

“Yoga for Cyclists” with Ted
This flow and stretch class will help the cyclist strengthen their core and help loosen your hips, hamstrings, neck, and spine.

“Yoga for Weekend Warriors with Ted
This 30-minute class will help you build strength and increase flexibility so you can go out and play hard on the weekends without getting injured.


We will be adding more yoga classes to the Beachbody Yoga Studio. Check back often for updates to this list!