10 Healthy Apple Recipes for Fall


Fall is here! We’re so excited. It’s our favorite season for so many reasons. Leaves, pumpkin patches, Halloween… and of course, apples! Here are 10 apple recipes for you to try this fall. Want to find out why apples are so good for you? Check out our Michi’s Ladder Spotlight on them here.

Baked Apple Chips
Want a satisfying, crunchy snack? Try these apple chips! They’re easy to make and don’t have any added sugar or preservatives. Your kids will love them too! Get the recipe.


Homemade Applesauce
Store-bought applesauce is often full of a lot of added sugar. Make yours at home in less than an hour and you’ll be pleased with how tasty the results are and how healthy it is! Get the recipe.


Apple Pie Shakeology
Applesauce and cinnamon make this yummy shake taste like apple pie! Get the recipe.


Baked Apples
Enjoy these for a sweet and savory after-dinner treat! Get the recipe.


Apple Crisp
This savory dessert features the rich flavor of baked apples, walnuts, oats, and a touch of maple syrup. Get the recipe.


Quinoa Stuffing
This simple stuffing is loaded with delicious vegetables and herbs and takes just 10 minutes to prep. Get the recipe.


Pork and Apple Skewers
These succulent skewers are flavored with apple, balsamic vinegar, and plum preserves. Get the recipe.


Apple and Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut squash adds creaminess, richness, and fiber to this easy soup recipe. Get the recipe.


Apple Harvest Muffins
Take advantage of fall with these moist muffins. They’re less than 100 calories each! Get the recipe.


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
This delicious combination of oatmeal, apples, and spices gets a nutrition boost from whey protein powder and flax seeds. Get the recipe.

What are your favorite ways to eat apples?

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  1. BeccaP said:

    My family grows and sells apples so I am very happy to see them featured in your awesome recipes!! Most people think of October as ‘apple season’, but some of the very best ones get ripe and so tasty in September! Our U-Pick starts Labor Day weekend and lasts til the apple trees are bare. You can miss the crowds and enjoy the peaceful beauty of our farm while picking lucious fruits, vegetables and even beautiful flowers! redapplebarn.com

  2. Sandra said:

    As a Celiac that camps, I make sure to pack a few cored apples, little caramel squares, and tinfoil. While everyone is eating smores, I stuff the caramel into the coreless apple, wrap in tinfoil, and let sit in the embers for about 30 minutes. I can have my sweet treat with the rest of ’em!