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Hearty Chicken Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Hearty Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Apples

This is a great recipe to use leftover chicken and baked sweet potatoes. Don’t have leftovers? We’ll let you in on a little secret: the dish in the photograph above was made with a chicken breast from the deli section of the supermarket and a bag of frozen cubed sweet potatoes. And it was indeed hearty,

Barbecued Cauliflower Salad | BeachbodyBlog.com

Barbecued Cauliflower Salad

Satisfy your craving for that “one” barbecued salad from that “one” restaurant that has about a million calories. This barbecued cauliflower salad is only 336 per serving, without compromising any smoke, zest, or phenomenal flavor. Get the recipe.

Salmon Poke with Macademia Nuts | BeachbodyBlog.com

Salmon Poke with Macadamia Nuts

Poke is a popular Hawaiian dish that is taking the mainland by storm. Poke shops and food trucks are popping up all over and if they haven’t reached your city yet, don’t worry, they will. In the meantime, you can make it at home with this salmon poke! Here’s how.