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Watch motivating and inspiring Success Stories from Team Beachbody® members just like you who have changed their bodies and their lives through healthy eating and fitness. Also, see great product information, personal exercise tips from your favorite Beachbody® trainers, and important health and fitness news.

  • Success Stories

    Success Stories

    Watch stories of real people who have gotten fit and healthy using Beachbody fitness products and Shakeology®. Find out how Team Beachbody members are making money doing what they love as Team Beachbody Coaches.

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  • Products


    Which Beachbody fitness program or supplement is the right one for you? Find out by watching videos about Beachbody's extensive line of fitness products, including P90X®, TurboFire®, INSANITY®, INSANITY: THE ASYLUM®, Slim in 6®, Brazil Butt Lift®, Body Gospel®, and RevAbs®. See why Shakeology is a great addition to your diet.

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  • Eating Healthy

    Eating Healthy

    Put down that donut and pick up some tips on how to improve your diet and eat healthier so you can reach your goals.

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  • Workout Tips

    Workout Tips

    Learn how to get the most out of your workout and bust through any excuses that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

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  • Contests


    If you've got it, flaunt it! Find out how to enter our contests so you can compete for the chance to win money!

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  • Celebrity Trainers

    Celebrity Trainers

    Ever wonder what Beachbody's top trainers—including Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, and Debbie Siebers—are up to when they're not making you sweat? Comedy, pranks, and charity events. Take a look.

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  • Coaches


    Interested in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach? See some of the footage we captured at our Coach events.

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  • Health News

    Health News

    Learn how meditation can help you, why getting enough sleep is important, the truth about belly fat, and more from Debbie Siebers and others!

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  • Team Beachbody

    Team Beachbody

    Get the 411 on what's going on at Team Beachbody. Here we not only highlight new site features, we also reveal what's going on behind the scenes—from employee health challenges to how we give back to the community.

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  • VIP Workouts

    VIP Workouts

    Pick up additional moves to improve your fitness and get tips on how to get the most out of classic exercises.

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  • VIP Fitness Tips

    VIP Fitness Tips

    Perfect your exercises with these tips and tricks straight from your favorite Beachbody trainers.

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  • VIP Recipes

    VIP Recipes

    Every great body is made in the kitchen. Maximize your results with these healthy, easy-to-follow recipes. You'll also learn how to make some of the meals that Tony Horton uses to stay in peak condition . . . straight from his personal chef!

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  • VIP Style Tips

    VIP Style Tips

    Whether you're working out to improve your health or just look better, find out how to really show off your hot new body with these style tips from Chalene Johnson and others.

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